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Private Parties
Bond with guests

We trace the painting and provide the materials so friends and family can draw, paint and stencil onto the canvas

The Artwork

Fine Art painter Sara Smith will finalize the work of art with everyone's contributions as an integral part of it.

Frame a memory

You may choose to keep the original artwork at the end of the event as a beautiful memory of that special day

Corporate Events


Creative Teamwork

Nothing bonds like playing together at a corporate event; let your guests add their logo, signature or mottos to the painting

The Artwork

All messages will blend in the painting to create a collaborative piece of art that will leave your guests


Leave a Mark

After the event send poster size prints to your guests as a commemorative gift for their participation

Community gatherings




Give everyone a voice

Frame the collective message of your group, organization or school

Art as a Message

Use art to raise your message, give everyone a chance to chime in

Use the Artwork

auction the finished work or create a limited edition print series to raise funds for your cause

Pubic Art & Murals


Permanent Installation

Create a permanent installation for your community

Participate together

Bring community members together to individually express themselves within a common message

Create a Legacy

A permanent work of art that represents a whole community working together

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